The most intuitive platform to manage projects and teamwork is a cloud-based work management platform offering a simplified way for you to manage any team and any project while creating a more transparent work culture.

What’s great about is it works for more than just digital project management.

You can also use software for:

  • Sales pipelines
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Recruitment processes
  • Video production planning
  • Tasks management
  • Progress tracking
  • Product roadmaps
  • Business processes
  • Design planning
  • Bug tracking
  • Event management
  • Construction planning

… and the list goes on and on.

More than 80,000 teams in diverse industries around the world rely on, from big companies like Wix and The Discovery Channel to small businesses just getting started.

Benefits of Using

Total Customization And Control is totally customizable to fit your needs. This means you can build your workflows in any way that works for you and your team. This is one of the main reasons why so many teams across industries and oceans have embraced this platform.

So, how does it work?

It all drills down to’s core components: Boards, Groups, Columns, and Items.

Board is like a spreadsheet, but flexible, intuitive, and easily shareable – all of which traditional spreadsheets are not.

Group is one or more sections on your board that represent anything you want, like  “Weekly to-do’s.” Each group has one or more Columns that you choose how to label, such as Owner, Status, and Priority.

Each Group also has rows which are called Items, and you can add as many as you want. Inside each Item contains “whatever needs to get done” in that Group, i.e., your project’s tasks. is flexible enough to accommodate any changes to your project plans. You can easily add, edit, remove, and drag-and-drop Items, Columns, and Groups in your Board since few things are ever really set in stone.

If you rather not start from scratch, has 100+ different pre-made templates to help you manage anything from your budget to your sales pipeline. You can also customize these templates too, making them your very own!

Better Communication, Collaboration, And Visibility

Say goodbye to daily sync meetings and endless email threads; And to the frustration of not knowing where the right files and assets are; And to asking someone for the umpteenth time what the status is.

You know these are all time-consuming and inefficient ways of pushing things forward. Instead, you can have all your work live inside, making everyone’s life so much easier, especially yours. brings your team and work together in one organized place. You can also add team members to your Boards and delegate the work that needs to get done by assigning one or more team members to each Item.

5 Most Useful Monday.Com Features 

Beyond customizable workflows, task prioritization, file sharing, drag-and-drop, communication in context, progress and milestone tracking, also offers:

1. Time Tracking

Knowing where your time goes is critical, especially if you’re billing clients by the hour. According to a survey, 40% of the 500 respondents reported that they never track time spent on emails which takes up a significant amount of their time.

Having a real understanding of how much time is spent on each task leads to greater accuracy. This also helps you make better, smarter decisions on how you spend your time.

2. Dashboards

Dashboards are a great way to see what’s important at a glance. It makes it easy to gain valuable insights, track project progress, estimate workload, and monitor budgets. It also keeps your team focused and motivated on the high-level goals that push work forward.

3. Integrations

Are you juggling multiple different tools to get the job done? Easily make your primary work hub with two-click integrations. Seamlessly integrate popular external tools from Jira and Slack to Gmail and Mailchimp, and further streamline your workflow.

4. Views offers several ways to view the data in your boards from Gantt Chart View for your project plans to Chart View for tracking progress. Views allows you to see things a bit differently and gather valuable insights that you may not have gained otherwise.

5. Automations

Automations take care of the manual work involved in completing repetitive tasks. Need to notify someone every time a task is complete? takes that task off your hands so you can be more productive on the work that really needs your time and attention.


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  • Certificazioni: GDPR, ISO 27018, ISO 27001

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Classificazione spese Collegato al piano dei conti, ogni spesa può essere classificata in un conto con un nome personalizzato!
Collegamento acquisti al progetto
Controllo acquisti Monitoraggio degli stati e dei regolamenti: pianificazione, impegno, regolamento..
Gestione fatture fornitori
Gestione fornitori
Gestione ordini fornitori
Items management
Product lifecycle management
Products and Items Tracking
Scheda prodotto
Agenda condivisa
Aggiunta di note per e-mail
Condivisione appunti
Conversazioni e post Discussione tra più membri di un gruppo
Creazione delle task via mail
Gestione allegati
Gestione riunioni
Gestione task
Gestioni dei gruppi
News feed
Pianificazione eventi Promozione, iscrizione partecipanti e pubblicazione
Planning view
Prenotazione appuntamenti
Presa di appunti Gestione di una lista di compiti da svolgere e appunti
Revisione e analisi collaborativa
Sincronizzazione con l'agenda
Time management
Whiteboard condivisa
Project management
Allocazione risorse
Analisi delle disponibilità
Analisi di produttività
Carico di lavoro
Definizione delle priorità
Demand management
Duplicazione di progetto
Geolocalizzazione dei progetti
Gestione backlog
Gestione incidenti
Gestione priorità
Gestione risorse Gestione risorse umane
Gestione ruoli Scrum
Pianificazione progetti
Pianificazione task Definizione compiti per realizzare un progetto
Portfolio di progetto (PPM)
Profittabilità clienti Calcolo automatico del margine o della perdita generate dal progetto
Profittabilità del progetto Return on investment
Relazione di progetto
Richieste di progetto
Scheda attività virtuale
Struttura di progetto personalizzata
Tabella di marcia Definizione step del progetto
Task ricorrenti
Templates del progetto
Visualizzazione e follow-up dei progetti
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Ripartizione del progetto per pianificare e organizzare compiti e fasi


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