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dotsha is the subscription management platform that goes beyond billing to
provide the first subscription management and usage-based billing infrastructure
made to help every "as-a-service" business to grow and scale.

Growing subscription and usage-based businesses, in B2B and B2C, use dotsha's
platform and APIs to unify front-end and back-end to automate their operations
from order to revenue.

- Central product catalog connected with CRM and accounting
- Advanced management of all types of tariffs and pricing
o Recurring, Non-recurring, pay-per-use, Hybrids, Commissions
o Simulate and test offers without impact on production before a launch
o Easy-to-use assisted tariff configurator
- Quotes management
o Flexible and easy to use quotation configuration
o Standard offers or customized pricing
o Managing discounts
oApproval workflow from customer
o Embedded E-signature
o Automation of customer/subscriber enrollment to subscription
- Automation of recurring and/or usage-based billing
- Processing of payments directly with the invoice (cards, direct-debit, wallets....)
- Automation of customer notifications by email
- Automated subscription lifecycle management
o Managing upgrade, downgrade, renewals, cancellation
o Pausing subscription
o Coupons and Conditional Discounts
- Integrated dashboard with key indicators (MRR, CHURN, ARPU....)
- API platform that integrates with the existing stack
o Accounting / ERP
o Selfcare portal, SaaS admin ...

Time to say goodbye to "one-size-fits-all" approach with business management
software when being subscription or usage-based business ! Unleash your
potential by choosing a susbcription management and recurring billing platform
that adapt to your business requirements and not the opposite !

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